Samstag, 9. April 2011

Old Navy Outlet

Old Navy is one of the giants of retail apparel. It provides a simple place to shop for clothing because of its wide variety and cheap prices. Their online shopping is enjoyable with an easy look and visual appeal. On their site, you get a fashion link but their main star is the stock. Styles and ornaments are all affordable and they even provide you with some tips on modifying clothing. The formal Old Navy outlet allows customers to make payments with MasterCard, Visa, Japanese Credit Bank, American Express and their store credit card. Shipping of the commodities bought is made standard UPS delivery.
Old Navy Outlet
To get an Old Navy outlet, you need to check on the map and directory which has got about forty locations. There are so many locations in the world but customers will always look for the best so that they can take advantage of the wonderful services provided. There are outlet locators that assist people in tracking down Old Navy outlets that are near their homes or places of businesses, with the full information compiled into an interactive map.
Old Navy outlet targets the middle and upper class families as well as the teenagers. The clothing is cheap as compared to their rival stores like the American Eagle, Abercrombie and Hollister. The stores of Old Navy have specific sections for infants, men, boys, women and girls. Apart from clothing, they also sell a wide variety of accessories such as handbags, shoes, toys and sun glasses. Some of the outlets have stores for business clothes plus size and maternity sections. Since 2007, their plus- size clothing is only available online and has been removed from all the stores because of low sales.
Every Old Navy outlet issues a shirt every summer decorated with an American flag. Each shirt has a flag graphic that is altered and the year is printed underneath. Alternatively, they offer shirts that have a Puerto Rican flag. The stores found in Canada also sell shirts that have a Canadian flag on them. In the next five years, Old Navy has planned to renovate all its stores. The new Old Navy will have floors made of hardwood, natural lighting as well as an inside garden. Old Navy hopes to bring a shopping experience that is more comfortable and natural.
An Old Navy outlet may look like a boutique but many of them have green building materials and rock gardens. The mirrored and silver accents differentiate them from the traditional warehouses. The outlets consist of highly fashionable clothes for teens and adults. Recently, the outlets have introduced a line of denim for women sizes zero to twenty as well as men’s denim. Old Navy’s advertising campaigns feature celebrities such as Joan Collins, Morgan Fairchild and Molly Sims. They also advertise through the television where they highlight seasonal product news. Old Navy launches brands through television campaigns by use of sexier female –centric tones.